I have the best lazy day activities for you and your kids! You ever have those lazy Saturdays when you have been busy running with the kids or work all week? So, when it gets to Saturday all you want to do is sit around the house in your jammies but then you realize dang, I got kids!!  Lol girl I feel you!! So, then you start feeling guilty because they are so sweet and innocent. They deserve to do something fun with mama but hold on MAMA don’t want to go outside and run into anyone especially the little old lady at the post office that like to give your kids candy when she know darn well she was a mama and that mess is a big NO NO.

Yea sis we all know that lady. Not to mention if you take your kids out you have to make sure they don’t act up in the store because its always that one person that is looking at you thinking you are an awful parent because you didn’t get your kid that toy they wanted.  Lady, you what you do not know is I just brought that same toy last week and me either my kids know where its at. So, no toy today!

Building a fort

I completely went way off topic but I digress. Well I have a couple of fun things you could do from home with your kids.

I would recommend doing this activity closer to their bedtime. Its so comfy until eventually they will fall asleep and you my friend can enjoy a nice glass of wine.

*Materials needed*

Build a fort
Lazy day activities with kids

Bake some treats

Baking a cookie’s or a pie is definitely a great way to bond with your kids and not have to leave out the house. It doesn’t have to be baking maybe something like making a smoothie together.

Let them play in your makeup

Let them play in your makeup on lazy day activities

On days when I don’t want to leave out the house but don’t want to bore the kids, I love letting them put my makeup on me and each other. 

Well until next time y’all be good