Can you freeze cheese grits is a question I’ve been wondering for years, so I finally tested that theory for myself. Cheese grits are a recipe that we all know and adore. Especially us Southerners. Those quick grits recipes are a side dish that truly warms our souls. South Carolina is known for its best quality grits. Regular grits, instant grits, and traditional grits. So, enough of the small talk. Let’s get down to the tea on this classic Southern dish. 

Can you freeze cheese grits?

What Are Cheese Grits?

Cheese grits are considered to be a quick meal that you can cook up easily. Some people enjoy this dish as a main dish and others as a side dish. Cheddar cheese grits are usually made in small portions or large portions with little water over medium heat. They are almost always uncooked grits. Even though you can choose different types, you can add heavy cream, whole milk, cold water, and black pepper. If you prepare these grit’s correctly, you can have them for the entire week.

Can You Freeze Cheese Grits?

Yes, you can freeze cheese grits for up to 4 months.

  Leftover grits recipes are always popular this time of year so it’s only right we find a way to save them in the freezer.  If you are freezing grits there are a few ways you can do so.

Can you freeze cheese grits?

Here are ways to Freeze Cheese Grits

  • Frozen Cubes- if you want to enjoy this dish ahead of time and have left overs to go with some flavorful shrimp. Ice cubes are a great way to make frozen grits. Yes, you heard me right. So, I guess you’re probably wondering how do I do such a thing. Well, first, you want to start off by getting an ice cube tray. Next, You want to spray a small amount of non-stick cooking spray on the tray for best results. Add individual portions to the tray and place them in the freeze inside a ziplock bag. Another thing you want to remember is to always write best- by date. Lastly. Take out when you are ready to use ice cubes
  • Freezer Safe Container– If you want to ensure that your grits don’t get freezer burn and ruin your entire recipe the freezer safe bags are a great way to preserve the prepared grits. You won’t have to worry about that freezer smoke coming in and ruining your grits. These freezer-safe ways are good for any cooked grits( stone ground grits or quick-cooking grits.
  • Grits Cakes- The perfect way to make individualized grits. This can be used for alternative uses. So, the first time you store these cooked grits, you want to ensure they are placed in a small air tight zip lock bag. Freezing them individually will allow anyone in your household to grab them up the next day without having large amounts at one time.
  • Airtight Container/Freezer Bag- Another best way to preserve grits is in an airtight container/ freezer bag. This will be sure to help the grits with it’s shelf life.
Shrimp and cheesy bacon grits

How To Defrost Cheese Grits?

You can start by placing the grits in the oven and use the oven’s time to defrost. That is a pretty easy and straightforward way. The next step is to place the large skillet over medium heat. Add chicken broth and frozen grits. Allow to cook for 10 minutes. Once the grits begin to melt, turn the stove to low and begin stirring until the white grits reach your desired consistency. Season to taste.

How To Reheat Cheese Grits?

To reheat frozen cheese grits, you will first want to ensure your stove is on medium-high. Place dairy products such as milk, heavy cream, and frozen cheese grits in the pot. As mentioned above, go ahead and allow those to cook down. Once they begin to melt turn the stove to low and stir until done. 

Frozen Cheese Grits

Similar Questions About Grits?

Different types of grits

  • Stone ground grits, also known as old-fashioned grits, have a coarse texture and a distinct flavor due to being ground with the germ intact. They are less processed and more perishable, so storing them in the freezer is advisable.
  • On the other hand, quick cooking grits are milled more finely and cook faster, as the name implies.
  • Instant grits, which are precooked and dehydrated, only require rehydration with boiling water.
  • Hominy grits are produced by soaking corn in an alkaline solution (usually lime or lye) to soften the hull. After removing the hull, the kernels are dried and stone ground.
  • Heirloom grits- are made from various corn types, including blue corn and Bloody Butcher corn, which has a red-to-burgundy hue.

Do grits expire?

The shelf life of grits is up to 2 to 4 years. This all depends on the actual way that you store your grits. The most important thing is that I would definitely remove the dry grits from the packaging and store them in an air-tight container at room temperature in a cool pantry so that they last longer. I had some grit I got last year that I still use this year! In addition, I can say that I don’t have any mold information on grits as I have yet to experience any.

How many calories in cheese grits?

For every one cup of cheese grits, there are about 282 calories. This isn’t a bad choice of calories to burn if you can pair this with some good old protein. For instance, you should be alright calories-wise with catfish nuggets or no flour chicken. That’s if you are not on too strict of a diet. 

Can you freeze cheese grits?

What meat goes with cheese grits?

Pork, beef, Turkey, fish, or chicken goes perfectly well with these cheese grits. Some people love to enjoy their grits with liver and gravy. Others like to enjoy their grits with a side of bacon and eggs. If you are not really a meat type of person, you don’t necessarily have to use meat. You can definitely serve your cheese grits with a side of fresh fruit.

Can you put cream cheese in grits?

Yes, the fun part about this recipe is that you can add pretty much anything you like to cheese grits. Now, I’m not saying add things like sugar and pizza to the grits. That’s just not how we do things in the South. ???? But again, it is you’re preference.

Are Cheese grits gluten free?

Bob’s Red Mill has gluten-free grits and a few other brands. It’s always been said that all grits are gluten-free, but I would definitely check the label on any container of grits you may buy. You always want to double-check and make sure.

Are cheese grits vegan?

No, Cheese grits are not vegan, as they contain cheese. Which is an animal product,. But it is possible to make a vegan version by using vegan cheese> The only thing you will need to do is substitute by leaving the cheese out altogether and adding other flavorful ingredients such as nutritional yeast, herbs, and spices

What is the southern food called grits? 

Ground corn, specifically from less sweet, starchy types known as dent corn, is used to create grits. These can be derived from yellow or white corn and are typically identified by their corresponding labels.

What do cheese grits taste like?

The taste of grits resembles corn, but it is generally considered mild and a blank canvas for other flavors to blend in easily. The presence of cheese in stone ground grits makes them more flavorful, and it is believed that yellow corn grits have a stronger corn flavor compared to the subtle and hearty taste of white grits. Heirloom varieties are coveted for their unique flavors and are ground to a medium or coarse texture to retain their distinct taste and color. Quick cooking and instant grits are finely milled and have the mildest flavor.

Fish and grits

How to make cheese grits?

So, If you want to prepare grits, use a ratio of four parts water to one part gritsadding more water is an option if they thicken too much while cooking). Put salt in the water, bring it to a boil, and then add the grits. For stone ground grits, stir them frequently. 

By doing so the grits release their natural starches creating a silky texture and smooth consistency. Apart from water, chicken broth is also a suitable option. Add milk, cream, butter, or cheese if you want a richer and creamier taste. Quick cooking grits require the same water-to-grits ratio, but they take less time to cook (5-10 minutessince they are milled more finely. Instant grits have already been cooked and dehydrated.    

You only need to rehydrate them with boiling water following the package instructions.. If you want to reduce .the time spent stirring, you can bake (the grits in the ..oven.

In conclusion

So, can you freeze cheese grits? Yes, you can freeze cheese grits and serve them up hot and ready with some good old pepper Jack cheese or sharp cheese. 

Lastly, I love how versatile cheese grits are you can turn them into just about anything like shrimp grits, fish and grits, butter, grits, grits and gravy, southern grits, buttermilk grits, baked grits, lemon garlic shrimp, grits and eggs, and many more. 

Well, that’s it for now, folks. I’ll see you next time.

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