Thanks for coming to visit my page. My name is Ronalyn as you may already know. I’m a wife, mom, actress, photographer, author, sister, and friend. Lol, you get the picture. I recently got into blogging and I can tell you I am loving it! 

My mission for my blog is to create quick and easy recipes that are easy to follow along with. I have so many ideas in my head. I decided to share them with you. Ideas from quick recipes all the way down to family vacations! I love taking photos of my everyday life. So, you will be seeing my family on my blog often! I hope you continue to visit my blog. I will be updating often.

Fun-Facts about me

What’s your zodiac sign?


Favorite food I could eat everyday?

fried pork chops, rice with cabbage…..Hey I’m a southern gal

What’s your favorite movie?

Obsessed ft. Beyoncé and Idris Elba

Favorite season?

I love Fall!! I love the smell of the air and the color of the leaves