Life is funny

I’m going to make this short and sweet because everyone knows that I will go on and on about James for hours LOL. So, here it goes. The day my life changed: How I met my husband. It all happened during my junior year of college.  As I was walking to yet another boring class, I saw James! I promise you, when I saw him it was like the heavens sung but I had to keep my cool. He was looking at me too but my shyness overtook me and I turned my head. I continued to walk to class and something urged me to glance back, so I did. Lo and behold James was still looking at me. Got em!! LOL.  I had to say something to him so I asked, “Hey, do you know where this class is?”  He responded and said, “yea, as a matter of fact I’m on my way to the same class, I’ll show you.”


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Once we were in class, I told my friend Sean, that I liked the guy that sits next to him. He said, “Oh James is my homeboy; I will tell him you said what’s up!”  I begged Sean not to let James know that I liked him first LOL. A girl has to play hard to get, you know? As fate would have it the next day, Sean told James that I liked him (secretly, I’m glad he did!).

Well the cat was out of the bag. James knew that I liked him so what now.  Once class was over, I made my way outside and was headed to my campus apartment. James saw me walking from class and offered me a ride to my apartment. I jokingly said, “You’re not a killer, are you?” He responded in the sweetest voice, “No, I wouldn’t dare let anything happen to you.” My heart melted. Some would say I was a fool but something was so different about him.  The next morning, I came out of my apartment and there James was with flowers asking me if he could take me to class. So, to me my how I met my husband story is everything I could imagine. Two kids and over ten years later, James still gives me butterflies.

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