Somedays the girls and I don’t like going outside or to the mall for fun. Some Saturdays we wake up and our creative juices are flowing. So we spend some mommy and me awesome bonding time!! We all love music so we go into the garage and have a dance party! My studio is in my garage too and it has so many fun props  for them to try on. Before you know it we find ourselves dressed up!! Why not snap a photo or two right? Well, in this photo we simply placed some flowers from Amazon in our hair. I love ordering photo props from Amazon for my photography business.

Here comes the fun part

We placed the flowers in our hair and wrapped some tulle around us and like  magic we became photoshoot ready! They were so happy and laughing the entire time because James wrapped my tulle too tight! I literally couldn’t breath but beauty is pain right? LOL ….Zoey and Marley love telling me about their day like I wasn’t right there with them but I enjoy our little conversations so much. With this impromptu photoshoot we made memories that will last a lifetime!

I used my handy Sony camera along with Sony FE 70-200lens

to take this photo if you would like to check out!


At the end of the day I realized that you don’t have to go out to have fun. They were just fine with sitting at home and playing in my studio simply because I was there with them. It’s truly the small things that matter. I never quite understood the saying when my grandmother use to say it. No amount of money can bring back time so I dance everyday with my girls. Remember to dance.

Until next time .