Easy breakfast recipes for everyday cooking.

The Best Oven Roasted Potatoes

These oven-roasted potatoes are so quick and easy. Not to mention how they can be paired with literally anything. You can pair them with my garlic butter steak bites or my buttermilk fried chicken. Either way, it’s a winning situation. Well, let’s go ahead and dive into this recipe! What type of potatoes...

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Strawberry Belgian cheesecake waffles

These strawberry Belgian cheesecake waffles are literally to die for. They are filled with creamy goodness. Not to mention how moist these waffles are. This is definitely a recipe that people will be begging you for! Well, without further ado let me introduce you to these waffles! How to make waffles from scratch?...

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Maple glazed cinnamon toast

This Maple glazed cinnamon toast is so good it will literally melt in your mouth. This is not your ordinary toast. It’s filled with so many different flavors. Let's not forget how simple and easy this toast is to make. I mean literally, it's only five ingredients. What’s not to love there? What...

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How To Make Sweet potato pancakes

Let’s start our morning off with these mouth-watering sweet potato pancakes. They are just the right amount of cinnamon that will leave your house smelling heavenly. They are so rich in flavor and surprisingly simple to make. How to make sweet potato pancakes? To make these pancakes is so simple and so rewarding....

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How To Make Avocado chicken salad sandwich

This avocado chicken salad sandwich is so rich and filled with amazing flavors! Not to mention this sandwich is easy to make. This sandwich is a perfect combination of avocado and sweet and savory chicken salad, placed between a toasted honey croissant. What type of chicken to use for this Avocado chicken salad...

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