Sunset drink Starbucks recipe anyone? As the warm summer days approach, our hearts yearn for a refreshing, fruity delight that not only quenches thirst but also brings a tempting treat to our taste buds. And what could be a better choice than a beautiful drink, delicious, homemade Starbucks Sunset Drink official drink? This secret menu item is an Instagram sensation and a TikTok superstar, which Starbucks lovers globally have been raving about. It’s not just a drink but an experience – like sipping the summer sunset in a cup!

Sunset Drink

This Sunset Drink Starbucks Recipe blends the sweetness of dragon fruit, the freshness of lemonade refresher, the citrusy grenadine flavor, and the peach syrup’s sweetness. The blend of ingredients will drive your taste buds crazy. It creates a beautiful combination of sunset colors that captivate the eye.

So why wait for your next visit to Starbucks when you can recreate this splendid drink in your home with a new twist? Don’t worry I will also have how to order. So, let’s get into the best part, my Starbucks lover.

A Brief History of Starbucks Sunset Drink

If you’re a fan of Starbucks, you’ve heard about the Sunset Drink. This beautiful and delicious drink first surfaced on TikTok, quickly capturing the attention of millions of viewers and Starbucks lovers worldwide. This Sunset Drink from Starbucks, with its alluring ombre effect and layers of creamy texture, has delighted its customers since it was introduced as a secret menu item by creative Starbucks baristas.

Starbucks lovers and baristas showcased the process of making this limited-time drink, further popularizing the secret drink. The layered iced drink, resembling a summer sunset, with its bright colors and fruity taste, offers a refreshing escape on a hot summer day.

Ingredients for the Sunset Drink Starbucks

**This recipe is strictly based on my opinion and may not taste identical**

Sunset Starbucks Drink

You’ll be amazed that you can recreate this Starbucks secret menu refresher at home with some simple ingredients in this custom drink. Here’s what you will need:

  • Lemonade: The backbone of this recipe, lemonade adds the essential tartness and refreshing tang that balances the sweetness of other ingredients. You can either go for a premade good quality lemonade or make some fresh at home!

  • Grenadine: This intensely flavored, pomegranate-based syrup adds a vibrant red hue and a lovely, fruity sweetness to your sunset drink.

  • Frozen Dragon Fruit: This super fruit is rich in antioxidants and vitamins and adds a beautiful vibrant pink color to your drink that mimics the stunning colors of a sunset sky. Using it frozen ensures your drink is cool and refreshing.

  • Peach Syrup: The sweet, fragrant notes of the peach syrup add depth to the sunset drink. It complements the tartness of the lemonade and adds an irresistible fruity flavor. Don’t like peach, then use a few pumps of vanilla syrup.  Ensure you opt for a high-quality premade or homemade peach syrup for the best-tasting sunset drink.

  • Ice: The ice in this recipe not only chills the drink but also helps to dilute and blend the flavors perfectly. You can use regular ice cubes, or if you want to get a bit fancy, freeze some lemonade into ice cubes for an extra citrusy kick!

How do you make Sunset Drink Starbucks Recipe?

Sunset Starbucks Drink

1: Pour the lemonade into a tall glass, filling it to about half full. The lemonade serves as the base of the drink.

2: Add a generous handful of frozen dragon fruit to the lemonade. This cools the drink and adds a lovely pink color and an exotic twist.

3: Drizzle in the sweet, fruity peach syrup. This adds an extra layer of flavor and sweetens the drink to taste. Feel free to adjust the quantity based on how sweet you like your drink.

4: Give your drink a good stir, ensuring all the ingredients mix well. It helps the flavors to blend, creating that distinctive Starbucks Sunset Drink taste.

5: Slowly pour in the grenadine. The syrup will sink to the bottom, creating a beautiful sunset gradient effect. The darker hue at the bottom of the glass, contrasting with the lighter lemonade, makes a visual treat, just like a summer sunset.

6: Fill the remainder of the glass with extra ice. It will ensure your drink is chilled and refreshing, perfect for sipping on a warm day.

7: Finally, you can garnish the drink with a slice of lemon or a sprig of mint. Enjoy your homemade Starbucks Sunset Drink.


Here are some exciting substitutions you can consider to suit your preferences:

  • Fruit Juices: experiment with different fruit juices like pineapple or orange to give a unique twist to your drink.

  • Agave Syrup or Honey: If you’re not a fan of classic syrup or you prefer natural sweeteners, you can opt for agave syrup or honey instead.

  • Milk: Add sweet cream or any non-dairy milk. Oat, almond, or coconut milk can make excellent cold foam toppings.

  • Strawberry Syrup: If grenadine is unavailable, use strawberry or pomegranate syrup instead. This will give your sunset drink its enticing pink hue and delicious strawberry flavor.

  • Alcohol: If you want to make yourself a wine cocktail add an adult twist to your sunset drink; consider adding a splash of triple sec or Chambord. Triple sec, a type of orange liqueur, will add a subtle citrusy note and elevate the fruitiness of your drink. Chambord, a black raspberry liqueur, on the other hand, will bring a rich berry flavor and further enhance the deep sunset hues of the glass. This transforms your sunset drink into a delightful cocktail that will impress any summer gathering.

  • Tea: Add your favorite tea to the sunset drink for a delightful twist. A hint of floral or fruity tea can add an unexpected and exciting layer of flavor. Whether it’s a punchy hibiscus or a fragrant jasmine green tea, it can elevate your sunset drink to a new level of sophistication. You can replace some of the lemonade with cooled tea or even make a strong brew and mix it with the rest of the ingredients. This is a great way to experiment with flavors and create personalized flavors.


Making the Sunset Drink Starbucks receipt home doesn’t require fancy equipment. You likely have most of these items in your kitchen already:

  • Large serving Glass: You’ll need this to mix your ingredients.
  • Spoon: A large spoon is required to pour the refresher base slowly into the glass to maintain the distinct layers.
  • Strainer: If you’re using fresh fruit for the dragon fruit, you will need a filter to separate the pulp from the juice.


How to order the Starbucks Sunset Drink?

  • Grab a Starbucks menu if you aren’t familiar with the sizes. I always order the grande size. 
  • The first step to ordering your Sunset Drink is going to your local Starbucks and starting with the base. Politely ask your barista for a Lemonade Refresher in the size of your choice.
  • Next, let your barista know that you’d like grenadine added on top. This ingredient is crucial to achieving the drink’s iconic gradient effect. So, make sure you ask for the tea to be layered, not mixed.
  • To top it off, ask your barista to add peach syrup and dragon fruit.
  • Depending on your taste, you can add a sweetener or extra fruit. Don’t hesitate to customize it and ask them about their secret menu recipes. Write this down for the next time you visit.

Here is another way to order this Starbucks strawberry sunset 

Ask for a dragonfruit lemonade, size of your choice (tall, grande, venti, or trenta), with a splash of peach juice and passion tango tea drizzled on top, please?

Can I make the Sunset Drink Starbucks Recipe ahead of time?

Yes, you can prepare the ingredients beforehand, but it’s best to assemble them before you enjoy them to maintain the distinct layers.

Quick and Easy Sunset Drink Starbucks Recipe

Sunset drink Starbucks recipe. As the warm summer days approach, our hearts yearn for a refreshing, fruity delight that not only quenches thirst but also brings a tempting treat to our taste buds
Prep Time: 1 minute
Total Time: 1 minute


  • May I request a mango dragonfruit lemonade, size of your choice (tall, grande, venti, or trenta), with a splash of peach juice and passion tango tea drizzled on top, please?

Here's How To Order At Starbucks

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