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Affordable family pajamas
Affordable family pajamas

The holidays are definitely creeping up fast!! We all have stayed in the house for pretty much the entire year, so it’s only right we grab our loved ones and take family holiday matching pajamas photos!   Of course, affordable Christmas matching pajamas. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Home for the holidays!

We are definitely a fan of matching as a family. It just seems like the right thing to do! LOL. We always get excited for the holidays. This means daddy gets more days off of work to hang around the house with his girls and we are able to take as many matching pajama pictures as we possibly can!

Is it hard to find matching holiday pajamas?

It depends on the time of year. If you are searching a couple of weeks right before the holidays for affordable Christmas matching pajamas, then I would say no. The stores keep them well-stocked for this very reason.  If you are searching two to three months before then it may be harder to find matching pajamas for the family.

How to get your money out of your family Christmas pajamas?

If you have growing little ones then you know how challenging it is to buy them a dress or shirt or a pair of pants and then two weeks later it seems as though they have outgrown them. So, when we get our pajamas we start wearing them as soon as possible. We wear them to bed, to the breakfast table, and to our in-law’s house to spend the night! Yep, we wear them a lot! This way it doesn’t seem like a waste of money.

Where did we purchase our Christmas matching pajamas

We took the easy way out this year. We usually go to one of the local department stores to buy our matching family pajamas but this year we went(drum roll please) Amazon! That’s right, we stayed on our comfy couch and ordered our matching pajamas. Anyway, it was so much fun speaking with your friends. Until next time be greater than yesterday. Oh, I will add the link to where we got our matching pajamas

Happy family photos!!