Christmas Vacation Pajamas are in rotation at my house. Why not wear cute matching family pajamas when you’re on vacation during the holidays right? So, finding matching Christmas pajamas for my family was my recent task to tackle as a mom of 3. I looked everywhere. Some stores had men’s Christmas vacation pajamas but no matching family pajamas. So, finding any matching Christmas pajamas is a win for my family of 5.

The holidays always seem to creep up pretty fast for any busy mom. I was able to find some great affordable matching family pajamas that I am extremely excited to share with you. So, get ready to grab your loved ones and make those wonderful Christmas memories.

Christmas Vacation Pajamas
Below I will give you a list of affordable family Christmas pajamas

Elf Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

If you are looking to stage the perfect family photos, then these cute matching family elf pajamas are for you. They come in many different sizes and can be purchased from Amazon. The delivery may be pretty quick. That’s always a plus when you are on a family vacation and need your Christmas vacation pajamas!

Holiday Organic Pajamas

Start a tradition with these cute Christmas vacation pajamas. You will be able to create so many fun memories for you and your family to look back on and reminisce.

The Children’s Place

These pajamas are from the store Children’s Place. They have an Amazon shop, which is so convenient. These are good for toddlers because they have a wild imagination and ask for pajamas, such as matching dinosaur Christmas pajamas. Lol. If you are a parent who loves Children’s place clothes as much as I do, you should definitely check out these comfy pajamas.

Black Santa Christmas Pajamas

These are really affordable and super cute. They are 100% cotton, so that they will feel amazing against your skin. The cotton material makes these black Christmas pajamas perfect for lounging because they are extremely comfortable. Wake up Christmas morning and make some amazing s’mores.

Burt’s Bees Baby Matching Jammies

These pajamas are red and white Christmas pajamas. They come in many other different patterns and colors. They are true to size and organic. Super affordable and comfy. They are definitely the biggest trend of the holidays! They are hand-drawn prints which means so much to me.

Matching Christmas Pajamas for couples

I don’t know about you, but I love to pack my couple’s Christmas vacation pajamas every year when we are going on our kid-free vacation. It’s a must. My husband actually looks forward to it. We take a separate trip to enjoy one another’s a company without the kids calling our name 109 times. Lol. Anywho, these are perfect and really comfortable. I will mention that they cannot be washed in the machine. Hand washes only. They are onesies which I find really cute!

A Christmas Story Pajamas

I love to sit down and read the kids a Christmas story in our pajamas before Christmas arrives. What better way to do that than in some comfy pajamas? They are machine washable and high quality, and you will create some amazing family memories the amazing thing about these pajamas that’s they have different styles for the whole family! They suggest that you order two sizes up for 12 months to 16 years of age for these pajamas.

Family Fleece Pajamas

If you are like me and cold 99.9% of the time. These fleece pajamas are for you!! It’s polyester fleece, affordable, and super cute to wear.

Grinch Family Pajamas

Grinch family pajamas are the ones we opted in for this year. They are comfortable and definitely true to size. I would even say order a size up for these. Other than that, these were perfect for our Christmas vacation pajamas.

How to get your money out of your family Christmas pajamas?

Family Christmas Pajamas

If you have growing little ones, then you know how challenging it is to buy them a dress or shirt or a pair of pants, and then two weeks later, it seems as though they have outgrown them. So, when we get our pajamas, we start wearing them as soon as possible. We wear them to bed, the breakfast table, and our in-law’s house to spend the night! Yep, we wear them a lot! This way, it doesn’t seem like a waste of money.

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